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How Much Glyphosate is in Your Urine?

How Much Glyphosate is in Your Urine?

For the first time in the U.S., The Detox Project, in coordination with Arizona based laboratory MetricBio, is launching a massive U.S. study on the World’s most used herbicide – glyphosate – and we need your involvement!

Step 1: Test Your urine for glyphosate

Register on the MetricBio website to join the research (pay for and receive your urine testing kit).

Step 2: Join the first ever Glyphosate Biobank

Agree to participate anonymously in multiple possible future global studies on glyphosate’s effects on human health – with just 1 urine sample and just 1 payment. Join the first ever Glyphosate Biobank to help this and future generations!

Step 3: Receive your results online

The results of the levels of glyphosate in your urine will be ready within 4-6 weeks of your sample arriving in the MetricBio laboratory.

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Join the Research – Get A Kit

Participation Cost: The total cost of participation is $125 for both the testing and the Biobank.

Please note that this study is currently only for people over the age of 18, due to regulatory restrictions. If you would like to test your children please contact MetricBio directly via the contact form on their website.


Following The Detox Project’s work in coordination with the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) in 2015, which produced the first ever data on levels of glyphosate in urine across the U.S. , we are now moving on to a much larger glyphosate study in coordination with MetricBio.

The new study being performed by MetricBio is again involving the general public but this time we are not only giving you the opportunity to find out the level of glyphosate in your urine, we are also enabling you to be part of a ground-breaking Glyphosate Biobank, which will aim to help this and future generations to find out details about the health effects of glyphosate.

What Is the Glyphosate Biobank?

Your participation in this study supports a knowledge-based approach to understanding glyphosate exposure in the general U.S. population. Only by sampling a large pool of individuals can we achieve a true representation of exposure levels.

But it’s not just an exposure study; it is also an opportunity to create a game-changing resource for the entire glyphosate research community and individuals concerned about its widespread use.

If you choose, your urine sample will form the cornerstone of a Biobank — a biological sample warehouse — that when sufficiently stocked will become freely available to researchers around the globe who wish to conduct additional studies on how exposure impacts health.

Biobank samples could also prove useful in other health-related studies that look to add glyphosate exposure as a co-variable by adding exposure data.

  • This exposure and Biobank study will collect data from around the U.S. and make the data public for all to see and understand
  • You can choose to opt-in to store your sample in the Biobank to allow further research to be conducted on your sample. This magnifies the effect of your participation and enables many more research questions to be answered instead of just a single question in a traditional study
  • You can choose to be contacted and participate in other research that will help researchers publish data to further the knowledge on various scientific questions
  • Participation in this study is a way for you to make a difference, this is one way you can help if this issue is important to you

Who are MetricBio?

MetricBio is a sister company of the World famous Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen).

MetricBio specializes in proteomics and small molecule analysis using mass-spectrometry. It is staffed by scientists and researchers who deploy proteomics and metabolomics — the large-scale study of proteins and metabolites, both essential building blocks of life critical in health and disease.

The MetricBio team, based in Phoenix, Arizona, collectively has over 65 years of biomedical experience and is dedicated to the highest standards of research.

MetricBio is equipped with the latest technology to achieve quantitative measurement at high sensitivity to determine the concentration of biomolecules including glyphosate in various human tissues and biofluids, and assess their impact on the human body.

How low can we detect?

The urine testing method is validated LC-MS/MS with a Limit of Detection (LOD) of 0.4 ppb and Limit of Quantification (LOQ) of 0.8 ppb.

What is the cost to participate?

The cost of participation in this study and Biobank is $125.

There are currently no available government sources of funding to conduct this research, so we need your help.

This project aims to help influence the future of chemical safety in America and this can only be done with your participation.

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Join the Research – Get A Kit

Disclaimer: The Detox Project is not carrying out this research project, therefore we have no liability for the results of the research project themselves, or how the results of this research project are used by study participants, or for payments made to MetricBio by study participants. The Detox Project is solely an exclusive promoter of the MetricBio research project.