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About The Detox Project

About The Detox Project

The Detox Project is a research platform that brings awareness to the public by testing for man-made chemicals in our bodies and in our food at a very personal level.

We believe you have the right to know what man-made chemicals are in your body and in your food!

The Detox Project is also researching whether or not an organic diet has an effect on the level of man-made chemicals in our bodies.

MISSION: Glyphosate, the world’s most used herbicide, is the first chemical being tested by The Detox Project. We aim to study all of the most common man-made chemicals in our environment over the next few years.

AIM: To protect women and children from the harmful effects of man-made chemicals in our food and in our environment.

The Detox Project studying glyphosate includes:

INFORM YOURSELF: A unique one-stop resource to help you understand more about the probable harm being caused by glyphosate-based herbicides worldwide based on information from independent peer-reviewed scientific research.

TEST YOURSELF : The first scientifically validated LC/MS/MS publicly available testing for glyphosate residues in your water and in your body.

TEST YOUR FOODThe Detox Project is working with a food testing lab for the first glyphosate LC/MS/MS validated testing to be made available to NGOs.

DETOX YOURSELFIf your first glyphosate test results show significant glyphosate levels in your body then eating a certified organic diet (with only charcole filtered water) for 3 weeks could potentially detox the glyphosate from your body. The results of this testing will provide both you and The Detox Project with a unique picture on whether or not an organic diet can reduce the levels of glyphosate in your body.

DETOX SOLUTIONS: To give Farmers a profitable way to feed the world.

Disclaimer: The results from the Detox Project glyphosate testing are not to be used for diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of disease or impairment. The results are also not to be used in any way for health assessment. The Detox Project is not suggesting in any way that any health condition you may have will improve if you manage to lower the glyphosate level in your body.

The Detox Project Team

Project Director: Henry Rowlands

Henry was brought up on a family run sheep farm in the Pembrokeshire National Park in Wales. His connection to both farming and the protection of the Welsh countryside led to a deep interest in issues related to GMOs and their related pesticides from a young age.

One of the first GMO Free public pressure groups in the World – GM-Free Cymru (GMFree Wales translated from Welsh) – was co-founded by Henry’s mother in the 1990s. Wales has maintained a strong position against GM crop cultivation.

Following work as a Journalist in Eastern Europe, Henry moved on to set up one of the World’s most successful Sustainable Agriculture online news sources – Sustainable Pulse – which focuses on GMOs and pesticides. Sustainable Pulse now has a regular readership of over 100,000 people per month from over 125 countries.

Sustainable Pulse is also involved in a number of reference projects – all of which have the aim of educating the public on the possible harm caused by GMOs and their associated pesticides. These include GMO Evidence, which is an online library of scientific research from around the World.

In 2014 Henry coordinated the formation of an expert group of leaders from across the World – creating the Global GMO Free Coalition.

The Global GMO Free Coalition brings together over 100 organizations from 6 continents with a total partner membership of over 4.5 million people.


Documentary Director: Ed Brown

Ed Brown grew up in the small town of Altoona, Pennsylvania in The United States of America, the son of a glass engineer.  Upon graduating high school, he attended Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania, earning two degrees in Electronic Media/Journalism and Applied Speech, where he honed his skills, allowing him to later become a writer for The NFL Today and NCAA College Football and Basketball at CBS Sports in New York City.

Ed then entered a different part of the entertainment industry; working at an elite internet company (Sudden Industries) where he worked directly on numerous websites (The Awful Truth, Inside the Actor’s Studio, World Cinema) and became a Producer on the first televised program ever broadcast by an internet company (V-Mations).

Over the course of four years, Ed worked on the award winning film about toxic chemicals in our bodies, known as “Unacceptable Levels”.  As Writer, Director, Producer, Narrator and Editor, he had essentially served as the entire creative force for the project, which was selected by 25 international film festivals, won four distinct awards, and continues to serve as a touchstone documentary film worldwide.  After interviewing over 100 luminaries, actors, researchers, scientists, community activists, non-profit organizers and business leaders, he also solidified himself as a trusted and dedicated journalist.

Ed is the father of three young children and lives in California with his wife, Lauren.