The use of glyphosate and other chemical herbicides has been growing globally for over 20 years, leading to environmental damage and harm to human health.

Some governments are becoming aware of the negative impacts of increasing herbicide use, with a number of European and Middle Eastern countries having announced that they have or would like to phase-out the use of glyphosate herbicides.

However, what do farmers and gardeners replace glyphosate and other chemical herbicides with? This is the question that is causing a massive amount of discussion in public, farming and political circles.

The Detox Project has started the first ever Solutions program to support new technology alternatives to chemical herbicides – the program will be used to:
  • Support the development of alternatives to chemical herbicides for farmers
  • Provide detailed information to governments on alternatives to chemical herbicides
  • Help detox our soils from toxic chemical herbicides
  • Create public awareness on herbicides (such as glyphosate) and on the possible
    alternatives through:
    1. Certification of foods and supplements
    2. Clear information on glyphosate-based herbicides based on peer-reviewed science


Two of the non-chemical weeding solutions that The Detox Project supports are:



Please contact us to find out more – we can put you directly in contact with these companies!

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