In a survey carried out over 15 years by Germany’s federal environment agency UBA, an increasing percentage of urine samples were found to be contaminated with glyphosate, the World’s most used herbicide.

Source: GM Watch

Source: Umwelt Bundesamt (German text)

Four hundred urine samples were taken. In 2001 glyphosate was detected in the urine of only 10% of the participants, in 2013 it was present in just under 60% of the test group, and most recently in 2015, it was 40%.

The highest level of glyphosate found was 1000 times lower than the acceptable daily intake set by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

However, UBA president Maria Krautzberger said more research on possible human health effects was needed, especially regarding children.

She added that glyphosate should not be considered in isolation (the route followed by the current regulatory system worldwide for all pesticides), but in combination with all the added ingredients present in commercial glyphosate herbicide formulations. These mixtures are known to be more toxic than glyphosate alone.

Source: Umwelt Bundesamt (German text)

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