Following their success in developing Glyphosate Residue Free certification around the world, The Detox Project has launched CleanScan to revolutionize the way brands interact with consumers on toxic contaminants and their current third-party certifications.

CleanScan, launched Tuesday, is the first ever QR Code based certification that enables brands to easily show consumers which contaminants they test for in a totally transparent way. The initial contaminants included in CleanScan certification are Pesticides and Heavy Metals, with more to follow soon.

Upon certification, brands are issued with a CleanScan QR Code, which can be used on packaging, websites or marketing material. Whenever a consumer scans the QR Code they will be taken to the brand’s CleanScan page, which shows the contaminants the certified product has been tested for, including latest lab results.

“Toxic chemicals and other unhealthy contaminants have become a major issue for consumers over the last decade. CleanScan is available for brands from the food, supplement, personal care and clothing industries – we want to add a new level of transparency across the board,” Henry Rowlands, Founder of The Detox Project, stated on Tuesday.

Showcasing Third-Party Certifications Made Easy

In addition to this new level of transparency for toxic contaminants The Detox Project is also including third-party certifications inside the CleanScan QR Codes, so that brands can at last easily showcase the multiple certifications they have worked hard to obtain, without taking up too much space on their packaging.

Fair Trade, Non-GMO, Carbon Neutral, Gluten Free, Kosher, Regenerative, Organic…the list is endless and the messages of all such certifications are vital. CleanScan aims to help brands simply show everyone how they are helping the world.

“Now more than ever, shoppers expect to know what’s in the products they are purchasing. Certifications like the Detox Project’s new QR code based CleanScan standard provide a new level of transparency, which makes it easier for them when shopping,” said Megan Mahon, Director of Product Intelligence at SPINS, the leading provider of data and insights for the natural, organic and specialty products industry.

Blockchain to Increase Levels of Consumer Trust

In another massive bonus for consumers and brands alike CleanScan has been integrated with the GoChain blockchain, a highly scalable and environmentally friendly public blockchain ledger, to add an extra level of trust in the certification. Every time a CleanScan Certificate of Compliance is created for a brand it will be time-stamped and minted by Chainparency, a blockchain-based data solutions provider, on the GoChain blockchain.

“Blockchain-authenticated certificates are an important development for global supply chains. Tokenized certificates are not only tamper-proof and fraud-resistant but also unique identifiable, easily transferrable, and real-time verifiable. The Detox Project’s use of blockchain technology ultimately helps brands to better substantiate product claims and to ensure greater transparency and accountability in global value chains.” said Henry Ines, CEO of Chainparency.

“CleanScan is set to transform how we all approach transparency and for this reason the initial interest in the certification is very high,” Rowlands concluded.

Please find full information on CleanScan here

Media Contact:
Henry Rowlands, Director, The Detox Project, 

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