RE Botanicals, a leading purveyor of CBD tinctures, capsules and topicals is proud to announce The Detox Project has certified that its products are Glyphosate Residue Free. To receive this distinction, products are tested by an independent laboratory to ensure they do not contain any residues of this common herbicide and probable carcinogen, which can increase the risk of cancer by 41%, according to an analysis from this year published in Mutation Research/Reviews in Mutation Research (Zhang, Rana, Shaffer, Taioli, & Sheppard, February 10, 2019).

This Glyphosate Residue Free certification is especially important for hemp. Hemp is a powerful bioaccumulator, which means it absorbs pesticides and other toxins faster than they can be eliminated. This is one of the reasons hemp is used to purify water and soil – it can help remove heavy metals and other pollutants as discussed in a study from CLEAN – Soil, Air Water (Ahmad, et al., 2015). Additionally, during photosynthesis, hemp removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, meaning that hemp farming on a large scale can help combat global warming. However, when hemp is highly concentrated, as in after it is extracted, it can contain high levels of toxins, especially if it was farmed on soils using chemical fertilizers and pesticides, like glyphosate-based herbicides.

The Detox Project tests shelf-ready products for Glyphosate and has a lower threshold for trace amounts than the USDA does in determining its organic certifications, making it the marquee certification to ensure consumer products are free from this carcinogenic chemical.

RE Botanicals, which received USDA certified organic status earlier this year, is leading the hemp industry towards safer and more regenerative agriculture practices, as well as ensuring transparency in every aspect of the growth and sourcing of its hemp CBD products.

“We are pleased to add yet another level of 3rd-party verification that validates the quality and purity of our products,” says RE Botanicals founder and Chief Hemp Officer, John W. Roulac. “The passage of the 2018 Farm Bill legalizing hemp has led to an influx of brands in the space. Sadly, much of the hemp grown for CBD is done in Glyphosate-soaked soils using degenerative agriculture practices that do not honor our Earth. We encourage all hemp companies to implement organic and regenerative growing practices. That’s why it’s critical that organizations like The Detox Project raise consumer awareness on the use of toxic chemicals in hemp agriculture and their risk to humans and the Earth.”

“For a number of years, I’ve known John as a passionate advocate for the environment and for sustainable, ecologically sound farming practices in the hemp world and beyond,” says Detox Project Founder Henry Rowlands. “RE Botanicals’ adoption of The Detox Project’s certification for Glyphosate Residue Free is critically important for the hemp industry and the movement to raise awareness about this toxic chemical that’s causing harm to people and to our environment.”

For more information about RE Botanicals or the Detox Project, please visit and For additional information on the need for better farming practices, see John Roulac’s recent article “Hemp at the Crossroads”.

About RE Botanicals®:

RE Botanicals® is the Pure Organic Hemp Apothecary brand created by 20-year hemp and superfoods veteran John W. Roulac who was also the founder of Nutiva. RE Botanicals products are crafted with the highest quality, full-spectrum, organic hemp extract that taps into the human endocannabinoid system – the system that helps maintain the body’s overall wellness and supports many physical processes. Curated with only the highest quality, plant-based hemp extracts with certified-organic MCT Coconut Oil. RE Botanicals offers organic classic, peppermint and pet tinctures. 1% of RE Botanicals sales are donated to promote regenerative agriculture.  For more information please visit

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